Project Management

We have been pioneering best practice Project Management and Engineering practices for the last two decades. Utilisation of recognised project controls and processes such as Critical Path Analysis help projects meet the critical goals that impact the bottom line.

An active risk analysis and mitigation process greatly reduces the possibility for unwanted surprises and schedule overruns. And a system of accurate Earned Value Measurement ensures that Portfolio Managers understand where a particular project is, in terms of schedule and cost, in real time parameters.

Honour Associates Limited supply only the most skilled and qualified Project Management and Engineering personnel and will work alongside an organisations staff blending in to the team, while bringing expertise, discipline and leadership to the challenges that present. Alternatively we will take on Turnkey stand alone projects.

Engineering Services

By being involved in the various initiatives continually underway in individual organisations and in industry sectors, that are working towards advancing engineering capabilitiesand standards, we are at the forefront of modern engineering technology. By catalysing lesson learnt over the past 20 years and the sharing of success stories from across a diversity of portfolio types, we remain competitive and able to deliver our customers needs.

We retain and/or have access to critical technical expertise in the Oil and Gas industries. Our professional engineering services provide a streamlined approach in the engineering disciplines of mechanical, electrical, chemical, components of civil engineering, and specialised subsea intervention disciplines.

Subsea Intervention

Over the past 30 years we have been involved in all aspects of subsea intervention, using both diving and/or remote controlled technology. Alongside our regular Oil and Gas operations we have also been involved in sensitive subsea inspection and recovery operations concerning stricken vessels and body recoveries, dealing with the press & media, and both emergency and disaster management activities.